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ESSOR PRECISION MACHINERY INC. specializes in the production of high-precision worms and wheels, gearboxes and transmission components.


The cylindrical worms and wheels are widely apply to elevators, escalators, machine tools, pumps and valves, etc., while dual lead worms and wheels are used in high-precision CNC machine tools, CNC rotary tables and solar power system. ESSOR also provides customized worm gearboxes for customers with special needs, which are widely used in robotics, monitoring, packaging, beverage, machine tools, etc. ESSOR mainly provides supporting services to well-known companies in Europe, North America, Asia and China.


Based on the technology and equipment derived from Germany, ESSOR has the expertise and capability to make high precision worms, wheels and worm gearboxes.


Innovation and research investment are the core strategies of our company. ESSOR is continuously working with professors of mechanical engineering to establish a strong R&D team for products design and manufacturing to improve load capacities and increase precision level. The best precision of wheels ESSOR made is up to DIN1.

Company Culture
craftsmanship and attention to detail

Craftsmanship And
Attention To Detail

  • 01
    Forefront Market Leaders

    High-end machining equipment achieves accuracy up to DIN 1.

  • 02
    Quality the Top Priority

    Advanced testing equipment ensures the strictest quality control standard with high accuracy.

  • 03
    Empowerment by Efficiency

    Certified by the German TUV ISO9001 system. Managements by ERP, MES systems and Lean Production.

  • 04
    Customer Orientation

    Provide customized solutions, building the brand with integrity, and winning a good reputation through high-quality products and services.